April 21, 2024

Who else wants to be the Center of Attention while making boat loads of money?A company now has a reasonably safe, easy to operate, “Jetpack” of sorts. (they say it runs on automotive pump gas, so I believe there are fans that do the lifting). Anyway, it works WELL! The sales price is around about $75,000.How do YOU make a Business Idea out of that?Imagine you’re at a large automotive dealership on a Saturday morning. Why are you there? Because the dealer advertised the demonstration of a jetpack flying around the place, on Saturday morning! Get it? You KNOW this is a proven attention getter! And getting attention is what advertising dollars are spent on, by the millions!Would $1,000 for a 15 minute “Demo” be a deal? Yes! Give the dealer a week to advertise “The Event”, and he’ll get his monies worth! What else can you do? Well, have your partner video the jetpack flying around the dealership and give it to the dealer as part of the package. Now, the dealer can use the video in ads for years, while advertising for you too, by showing the video…we’re talking viral here! The dealer can post the video to YouTube. This is an explosive opportunity! Don’t overlook it!What else could you do with a jetpack?You could train for rescue. Let all the fire stations, police, sheriffs and ambulances in your greater area that you’re available. Your “rescue minimum is $15,000.” Give them a video of you doing a mock-rescue.What else?People will pay big bucks for a special experience of any kind! Why? Recognition is the # 1 human drive. Rent a location, and teach people to fly the thing inside a building. I don’t know – how about $500 for 5 minutes? After all, Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines fame) is operating his “Space Flight” (a plane that takes you to the edge of the atmosphere – like 90,000 feet high). Old Richard decided the ride was worth $200,000 a pop. He has a waiting list of 400!Does this seem like an absurd, weird, sensational way to make money? Good!Listen, the world does NOT need another dry cleaners, does it? If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, why do you do it? Are you ready to jet-set with a jetpack? What should you do next?